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Megan Sullivan

Megan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in earth and planetary science from Johns Hopkins University in 2018 and spent 12 weeks in 2019 working in the MAGIC lab with¬†glider observations and refining the methods used to estimate components of the biological carbon pump. Under the mentorship of Ruth Curry, her project demonstrated the potential for gliders to measure rates of net biological production and carbon exports, and developed methods to calibrate and correct the PAR and chlorophyll sensors.

While at BIOS, Megan assisted with all aspects of glider operations, including ballasting, small-boat deployments and recoveries, glider piloting, and data analysis. Her work contributed to the NSF and BIOS-SCOPE experiments and earned her an authorship on a manuscript describing the glider time series and physical framework for evaluating the biological carbon pump.

Megan is presently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in physical oceanography at the University of California, Irvine and will present a poster on her BIOS work at the Ocean Sciences meeting in February 2020.