Ruth Curry, BIOS

Ruth Curry, Program Leader,

Ruth is an Adjunct Scientist at BIOS and a Senior Research Specialist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Ruth is a physical oceanographer who utilizes modern tools and techniques to better understand the ocean general circulation and its dynamics, the spatial and temporal changes in ocean circulation and water properties, and how these observed changes relate to Earth’s climate system. She has worked in the North Atlantic Ocean for three decades, and launched MAGIC at BIOS in 2014.

Jonny Chapam, BIOS

Jonny Chapman, Research Technician,

Jonny graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2019 with a BSc in ocean sciences, specializing in physical oceanography. During his degree he had his first taste of the Bermuda lifestyle when he attended the Modern Observational Oceanography summer course at BIOS. After an internship at the National Oceanography Centre in Liverpool, U.K. focusing on physical oceanography processes in the Celtic Sea, Jonny then returned to BIOS in 2020 on a 3-month internship, where he used turbulence data collected from gliders to determine vertical exchanges of nutrients and carbon in the Sargasso Sea.

Jonny was invited to return to BIOS full-time in 2021 as a glider technician for the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative and Collaboration (MAGIC) program, which uses a fleet of autonomous underwater gliders to record high-resolution oceanographic data. His work varies between being in the laboratory, maintaining the gliders and processing data, and being at sea onboard R/V Atlantic Explorer deploying, recovering, and piloting the gliders on their missions.