Anna4_trackDescription: “Spring Bloom 2015” 88 days, 684 dives
Track line image: link to anna4_track.jpg
Objectives: Sample in a 12-km box around the central BATS site to test battery life, power draw and sensor characteristics.



  • Mission completed
    • deployed off St. David’s by R/V Stommel : 08-Mar-2015 17:57:45
    • recovered by R/V Atlantic Explorer: 03-Jun-2015 19:24:05
  • Processing: High Resolution (DBD) dataset , 1-db pressure sorted profiles
  • CTD: salinity despiked, corrected for time dependent drift (calibrated to ship CTD profiles). Still need to correct for thermal mass inertia.
  • Oxygen: cal’d to shipboard profiles, de-spiked
  • Chlorophyll: cal’d to shipboard profiles
  • CDOM: no post-processing to date
  • Optical backscatter: no post-processing to date

Science bay and sensor configuration:

  • CTD SBE 9136 pumped
  • Wet Labs ECO puck: FLBBCD 3409
  • OXY4 4831 SN 279

Issues encountered:

  • The CTD pump failed intermittently at first, then completely during this mission (resulting in down/up hysteresis, to be corrected in post-processing);
  • 12 May – piloted inshore for inspection and cleaning (mostly gooseneck barnacles) and turned back out to BATS

Data files:

  • Link to calibrated glider data file (matlab)
  • Link to wind data
  • Link to precipitation data
  • Link to calibration_info
  • Link to BATS profiles during this mission