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14 May 2016

Very strong and persistent winds the first week of May caused quite a stir (pun intended) at the base of the surface mixed layer. Minnie and her SUNA (nitrate sensor) captured a measurable injection of nitrate all the way up to the sea surface. Maybe the first actual observation of this phenomenon since BATS began! Chlorophyll inventories peaked in the following days, attaining values commensurate with Feb/Mar blooms, and the nitrate was completely consumed in a matter of days.

Anna is on her way back in — to be recovered at the end of this week — after 5 complete months of observations at BATS. As you will see in the figures below, it’s a fantastic dataset. Minnie will continue the glider presence out there and I am hoping to get Jack and the ADCP in the water early in June. All 3 gliders will be used in the BIOS-SCOPE fieldwork this July, and will provide real-time data for the Modern Observational Oceanography course here at BIOS July 4 – 25.

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Previous Missions

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